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Leda Davies is an actor, dancer and circus artist born in Calgary, AB, and currently based out of Montreal QC.

Since graduating from the University of Calgary with a BFA in Drama and a minor in Dance in 2008, Leda has been impacting the cultural landscape of Calgary and Alberta by pushing boundaries of theatre, dance and circus arts.

Leda has created several devised and site specific theatre performances, including solo and collaborative works. She has been the privileged performer and movement director for several theatre companies and has performed around the world, including touring to Japan with Green Fools Theater, and across Canada with The Old Trout Puppet Workshop.   As a dancer her multidisciplinary work has been presented in the Feats Festival (Alberta Dance Alliance), the Annual Alberta Dance Festival (DSW), the Fluid Movement Arts Festival (Springboard Dance) and the Kaleido Festival (Bird Soul Productions).  She has also been featured in various independent film projects, and television commercials, and has an extensive career in voice-over and animation voicing projects.

Now a Montreal resident, Leda is pursuing her dream of joining the circus. For the past four years Leda has been building a solid foundation in aerial arts, with a focus in silks (tissue) and static trapeze (dance). After the creation her first interdisciplinary aerial performance in March, 2010, Leda has been focused on developing a professional circus practice. In January 2012 Leda joined Spectacle Blue Studios (FKA High Stung Aerial Dance), a company based out of Okotoks, Alberta that performs for many outdoor and special events in Calgary, and around the southern Alberta area.  She is also a proud co-creator of the aerial dance ad-hoc collective Rare Birds, based out of Calgary.

You are warmly invited to follow her career on this website, as she continues to work independently and collaboratively on new projects in Canada and around the world.

“I want my artistic expression in theatre, dance and circus to be the way I live my life- with an ardent desire to burn down the bridges that link me to too well known beaten tracks of contemporary performance that I consider timid”- Leda Davies

Upcoming Events

Cirqua Zerna 2014

Cirqua Zerna, produced by La Caserne 18-30 is an opportunity for selected emerging artists to present the fruit of their labor in front of the public, in a professional setting.

Ce spectacle produit par La Caserne 18-30 est une occasion pour nos artistes, non seulement de présenter le fruit de leur travail devant public et de vivre une expérience artistique de groupe des plus stimulantes, mais avant tout de se responsabiliser dans l’atteinte d’une cible commune, de se valoriser professionnellement et de se dépasser!

When: Fri May 9 17:00 - Sat May 10 21:45

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